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Notification 30/1/2006-Fin(R&C)(19)




In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (2) of section 5B of the Goa

Tax on Luxuries Act, 1988 (Act 17 of 1988) (hereinafter referred to as the "said Act") and all

other powers enabling it in this behalf, the Government of Goa hereby amends the Schedule III

appended to the said Act, as follows, namely:-

In Schedule III appended to the said Act, for the existing entry at serial number (2), the

following entry shall be substituted, namely:-


"(2) Where proprietor provides accommodation with luxuries for other purpose:-

(i) Not exceeding Rs. 10,000/-   per day per event                         NIL


(ii) Exceeding Rs. 10,000/- per day per event .                         5% of the receipt.


This Notification shall come into force with effect from 1st April, 2012.

By order and in the name of the Governor of Goa.

Ajit S. Pawaskar, Under Secretary, Finance (R&C).

Porvorim, 31st March, 2012.



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