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[See rule 6(7) of the Goa Value Added Tax Rules, 2005]

Return of Sales and Composition Tax Payable by dealer opting for composition for the quarter ended


Period from


(1) TIN:-

Valid upto

(2)Name of the Dealer

(3)Address of the Dealer

(4)Style of Business

(5)Nature of Business

(6)Total turnover of Sales received and receivable during the period

(7)Amount of Composition Tax payable.

(8)Amount of Composition Tax paid

(9)Number and date of receipted copy of chalan under which payment is made, attached to this return in proof of payment.

(10) Details of Bank Account (only the changes in the Bank Account, if any, during the return period to be reported.)


I Shri/Smt___________________of M/s _______________________do solemnly declare that the particulars disclosed in this return are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I / we have not been covered under any of the contingencies stated in sub-rule(7) of Rule 6 during the period covered under this return.


(Signature of the dealer)

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