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Form VAT - VII

[See rule 25(2) of the Goa Value Added Tax Rules, 2005]

Serial No................................

1. Name and full address of the Employer:

2.(i) Name and full address of the contractor who has executed the works contact.


TIN of the contractor
3. Particulars of tax deducted:
Sr.No. Bill no./(date preferred in case of contractor) Nature of works contractYear of the execution of works contract Amount paid to the contractor Amount of TDS payment@ 1%Taxamount actually deductedAmount remitted to Government Treasury with date of chalan 
Certified that the tax deducted as above have been remitted by me/I into Government Treasury, in accordance with Section 28 of the Goa Value Added Tax Act, 2005(Act 9 of 2005) and that the particulars furnished above are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.


Name and signature of the persons

deducting tax with his

designation and seal
Note: To be issued in quadruplicate. The original shall be submitted to the respective Appropriate Assessing Authority alongwith return by the contractor. The duplicate shall be retained by the contractor for his record. The triplicate to be submitted by the employer to the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes alongwith the statement in Form VAT - XXVII. The quadruplicate shall be retained by the employer for his record.
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