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Entry Forms

Entry Form XXX
Declaration regarding the person(s) authorised to sign document(s)

Entry Form XXIX

Entry Form XXVIII

Entry Form XXVII

Entry Form XXVI
Entry tax paid Certificate

Entry Form XXV
Registration of declaration in Form -19 issued to other dealers within the state

Entry Form XXIV
Declaration to be furnished by a dealer in respect of goods mentioned in First Schedule sold by him to another dealer in the State.

Entry Form XXIII
Application for permission to pay finally assessed tax under the Goa Tax on Entry of Goods Act, 2000, in installments.

Entry Form XXII
Refund Adjustment Order

Entry Form XI-2
Refund Payment Order

Entry Form XXI
Refund Payment Order

Entry Form XX
Notice calling for Accounts other Documents

Entry Form XIX
Delivery note

Entry Form XVIII
Statement to be submitted by owners, of vehicle or boats, etc.

Entry Form XVII
Return of clearing, forwarding, transporting, shipping, etc.

Entry Form XVI
Memorandum of Appeal Order under section 33 of the Goa Tax on Entry of Goods Act, 2000

Entry Form XV
Security bond for stay of collection of Tax or other amount in dispute

Entry Form XIV
Form of memorandum of Cross Objections Before the Tribunal under Section 29 (3) of the Goa Tax on Entry of Goods Act, 2000

Entry Form XIII
Form of Appeal Memorandum to the Tribunal

Entry Form XII
Form of Appeal against an order of assessment under section 14

Entry Form XI

Entry Form X

Entry Form IX
Proposition Notice

Entry Form VIII
Proposition Notice

Entry Form VII
Certificate of Exemption from Submission of Returns

Entry Form VI

Entry Form V

Entry Form IV
Return for turnover and tax payable by an importer of the Motor Vehicle under the Goa Tax on Entry of Goods Act, 2000

Entry Form III
Monthly statement of Tax

Entry Form II
Certificate of registration

Entry Form I
Application for the grant of a registration certificate as a dealer under Goa Tax on Entry of Goods Act, 2000

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