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Entertainment Notifications

Notification No. 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(23)
Waiver from payment of Entertainment Tax renewal fees by Proprietors

Notification No. 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(22)
Casino Entry Fees increased from Rs. 700/- to Rs. 1000/-

Notification No. 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(21)
Substitution of Note (3) to Schedule 'D' regarding returning of counterfoils of casino tickets

Notification No. 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(20)
Constitution of Tribunal

Notification No.3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)/19/995
Amendment to Goa Entertainment Tax Rules,2007

Notification No. 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(18)
Entry Fees on Casinos w.e.f. 01.04.2014

Notification 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(17)
Changes in Schedule 'A'
Changes in Schedule 'E'

Notification 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(12)
=> Changes in off shore Casino entry tickets
=> Changes in Rate of Entertainment Tax on Casino receipts
=> Changes in Cinema Entry Tickets

Notification 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(11)
Changes in Schedule ‘A’

No. CCT/1-1/2010-11/13
Appointment of Officers & Inspectors

Notification No. 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(10)
Amendment to Schedule 'A', 'C' and 'D' appended to the Act

Notification No. 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(9)
Appointment of Officers

Notification No. 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(8)
Entry Fees on Casinos

Notification No. 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(7)
Amendment to Schedule 'B' appended to the Act

Notification 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(6)
Goa Entertainment Tax(First Amendment) Rules,2008

Notification 3/2/2006-Fin(R&C)(5)
Notification amending Schedule ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ & ‘E’ appended to the Goa Entertainment Tax Act, 1964

Notification No. 3/1/2001-Fin (R&C) dated 30th March, 2001
Exemption to theatrical performances, drama, ballet, musical performances

Notification No. 3/2/2001-Fin (R&C) dated 19th October, 2001
Period specified for using funds every 6 months.

Notification No. 3-1-86/ Fin (R&C)

Notification No. 3-1-84/ Fin (R&C)
Exemption to children shows

Notification No. 3-4-78 / Fin (R&C)
Exemption to magic shows

Exemption to circus companies
Exemption of circus companies of Indian origin from payment of entertainment tax

Notification No. F.III/2-41-64/26887
Exemption to circus companies

Notification No. Fin(Rev)/2-41/2/76/ dated 27th December, 1979
Delegation of functions to Mamlatdars

Notification No. 3-1-86/Fin(R&C) dated 5th July, 1998
Delegation of powers to Mamlatdars

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